First Batch of The Box Office !!

History of TBO

The Box Office, is Madras Institute of Technology’s official dramatics club. It is the gateway to everything that unveils your ingenious side. This is the place to be if you like to act, direct, write, or pretty much do anything related to theatre and film art. The Box Office a.k.a TBO is the brain child of a group of pre-final year students who took the help of one of the most instrumental teaching staffs of MIT, Mr. A.R.S. Jayanth and convened the college’s first official dramatics club. The name “The Box Office” was chosen as it is the place where you buy your tickets to enter a world of alternate realities. Where you believe in wielding a wand and casting spells, or mastering the force and becoming a Jedi or destroying the ring to ensure peace in the middle Earth. Ever thought about writing stories or books about an imaginary world where anything and everything is possible? Ever wondered how you would save people if you were Spider-man? Ever wondered if you would make a good Harry Potter if you wore those rounded spectacles? Ever stood in front of a mirror and imitated your favourite actor? Ever tried to entertain people with your slapstick jokes and wanted to become a stand-up comedian? Ever wished to direct short films and make it big in the Tinsel Town like Karthik Subbaraj? Ever thought you were good at something but never really been able to do anything about it? The Box Office is where you all should be. Having conducted several events, spotted new and young talents and encouraged them to follow their hearts, we realised that we’ve only just begun. The box office doors are open, and people have just begun queuing up. It is upto you to think about your interests, decide on what you would like to take up, choose the right screen and enter, only to exit after leaving a lasting impression.